Techno Geek, Magnified.

So here I go.  I thought I’d start trying to use WordPress in hopes that my blogging will be on a semi-constant basis.

So I’ve been introduced to the lovely world of iPhone Apps.  First, let me preface this new found love by saying – I didn’t want to conform.  I resisted the idea of the iPhone from the get-go.  Why?  Because I wasn’t crazy enough to spend $300 on a phone with only 8gb of internal memory that couldn’t do all the things my simple Blackberry Curve does.  The lack of MMS support in the first release (and pseudo support now) KILLED me.  Such a simple task to do that almost any FREE phone could manage.  But the first release of the iPhone?  Noooo….

I waited for more than a year and the news came – MMS support!  Awesome.  My interests have been perked, once again…only to be disappointed at the fact that AT&T still can’t support MMS (until ‘late summer’).

Well, after talking with a Mac / iPhone fanatic friend of mine, I started perusing the App Store.  Bad idea.

Long story short – in 1.5 days I have somehow acquired 130 (free) apps!  I will be versed in daily facts like: “Today In History” and share them with you in French, Spanish or Italian OR via American Sign Language (whichever your preference).  In addition, I will be able to conveniently convert metrics for you, tell you where the cheapest gas stations are within a 5 mile radius, draw pretty pictures, edit digital ones (sans Photoshop) and so much more.

All of my 130 free apps are ALL necessary.

Note: still no iphone in hand.  Must wait until mid-Sept for the upgrade.
Status: App Obsessed.


Update: 3.50pm

This just threw a wrench into my planning…
Potentially on Verizon – [conceptually] iPhone 4G w/iChat capability
Projected release date: Dec 2009 – early 2010

CNET article: here | YouTube Video:  here


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