A Day of PolaDroid Consumption.

1.24 pm

So it all started with a simple request from my room mate:

– “Hey, do you have a ‘polarized’ desktop application?”
– “Nope.  I don’t but I can search for one for you…”

Well, that started it all…
I stumbled onto Poladroid.

My Jesus.  I’ve been playing with this thing since I’ve found it when I should be grinding away troubleshooting software.  I mean, that is what I get paid for, right?

Anyhow, that’s besides the point. This desktop application is amazing! It does what the name alludes to; turns any photo of yours into a Polaroid! BUT its the simplicity and thoughtfulness that goes behind the application that won my chonies over.

– First off, it has a floating Polaroid desktop icon so you can move it anywhere you’d like, (instead of a stupid static desktop icon).

Poladroid Floater

Poladroid Floater

– Secondly, like a true Polaroid, you watch the photo develop (I know, big fuckin’ deal, right)? However, the great thing about this app is while you watch it develop, you can save it at any point of development! For example, if you like the more sepia look of the photo, save it at that point! it will continue to it’s fruition. Gosh, i hope that just made sense.

Anyhow, since I’m not one to be great with words, just go to www.poladroid.net and check it out yourself. but forewarning: makes sure to put a couple of hours aside for this. it has that cool “suction” power.


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