Daily List.

11.03 am

I think making an effort to use this blog is making me more aware of daily happenings.  I mean, whether boring or not – the purpose is to utilize this thing to write so I need things to write about, right?  Anyhow, it’s kind of driving me nuts making these mental lists.

For example, today…

  1. On the 405 northbound heading to my office…I see a big truck (and when I say ‘big’ I mean those kinds of trucks you see that are unnecessarily lifted with tires the size of … well my entire body’s height that take in more gas than any human should pay [getting about 5 miles to the gallon]) with a dog in the bed of the truck!  I’m going to assume that the poor pup was not tethered down and it definitely was not in a tethered down crate, either.   Tell me, why is it necessary to place a pet in an open bed of a (huge) truck, un-harnessed while going 80 mph + on the freeway?  Please note, the driver was the only one in his 4-door lifted truck.  Wouldn’t it make more sense to put the dog / pet INSIDE?  Or am I just being far too unreasonable here?
  2. On the way into my office building, I was about 5 feet behind a woman trying to get to her office.  She walked through the double glass doors and let them close behind her, (read: closed in my face), as she waddled her butt through.  5 FEET BEHIND HER! She even looked over her shoulder to see if anyone was behind her!  I know I’m a mere 5’0″ tall but c’mon people!  Simple consideration?  Anyone?  Nope, not this morning.

On a positive note – I’m really excited for the month of August.  Not only is it my birthday month (yes, I am making it a point to celebrate my birthday for the entire month of August.  Hell, I might even let it bleed into September)!  But so many fun things lined up!

Other great things that has been filling my brain are the business ventures that I’m involved with.  More details to come, but I’m so excited about it.  Our business licenses are being put in place.  Once that happens – we’re taking off at warped speed!


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