I’ve got two.

So I’m sitting here on my couch, ready to go to bed.  I don’t feel right.

I get these moments where, sometimes, it feels like I can’t stand on my own two feet.  Almost like a perpetual search…for what?  I have no idea.  I don’t like the feeling of “needing”, or what i think is “needing”.  I’m more independent than this.  But when moments like this come about in conjunction with…well, everyone else having their own lives and moments to live, I kind of feel…alone.

Most days, I invite and revel in the feeling of being in my own world.  I get these moments, moments like now where all I could use is for a familiar and friendly voice on the other end of the line or in the same room with me to talk…about anything…weather, politics, poops…the more meaningless the better.

These needy moments, i have to remember people have their own lives too.

Time to just sleep this one off and start a new day when I wake up.


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