Mo’ Bounce to the Ounce.

Last night, i sat in complete stillness with the company of “The Album Leaf”.  i hadn’t meditated in a bit and it was nice to sit in stillness and spend some quality time with myself.  i kind of like my own company (sometimes even preferring it).

now, here is the exception…

I’m always really happy when Bri flies into town.  However, I’m always caught off guard by how excited I get.  I mean, I always miss her when she’s not around.  But, without fail, the day before she gets in I get entirely too antsy and want to bust out of my own skin.  Its at those moments when I realize exactly how much I’ve missed her during the week.  There’s always an extra lil’ bounce in my step and a lil’ more jiggle in my [car] dance.

Its funny because, i’ve been feeling “dull” lately.  (i am foregoing caps and correct grammar at this point).  i don’t do well with constant routine if no passion derives from those routines.  so when i’m on my own and doing nothing, i feel almost half dead.  contrary to this, i can do ‘nothing’ all day, any day, with bri.  its enough for us to sit side by side and do nothing and say nothing.  she can light up my insides & stir things in me by just “being”.

nonetheless, i am starving.  i’m starving for something to feel, push, pull, confuse and drive me to create with my hands.

on that note, my tummy is starving too.  time for a granola bar.

“San Simeon” – The Album Leaf


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