Dote-ee, Dote, Dote.

i forgot to mention, bri met my family for the very first time this weekend.  (when i say ‘family’ i mean my mom & step-dad).

a bit about my mom, she is not very “warm” when it comes to meeting people i date.  she hasn’t met many, but the ones she has met, for the most part, no bueno.  my step father…well, he just gets ridiculously shy and hides away in their bedroom whenever i bring anybody over.

so anyhow, my 4’8″ asian mommy meets my 5’7″ cuban / caucasian partner.  i am afraid…very very afraid.  long story short, we walk through the doors of my mom’s house and “giant” bri gives my “tiny” mom the biggest hug…ever.

before i know it, (in typical asian household fashion) – knowing bri does not eat meat, my mom brings out 2 mangos and half a watermelon for her and my step father sneaks a glass of water and a plate of grapes for her to enjoy before he reserves back to the bedroom.  (his own friendly gesture / peace offering.  it was rather adorable).

within 20 minutes of being there, my mom and bri are sitting side-by-side…looking at my baby pictures!!!  WHAT?! This kind of thing only happens in movies, damn it!  this is insanity on so many levels.

1. my mom doesn’t really warm up well to people.
3. me in diapers.
4. me in poofy dresses.
5. me with some fucked up hair-dos.


complete, yet welcoming, embarrassment.

it means the WORLD to me that my mom and partner get along.  its important to me that my partner loves my family.  as small as it is, its all i have.  its who i am.

this was monumental.

today must be public girlfriend doting day.


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