that is exactly what coffee is to me.  i made the mistake of foregoing my usual daily triple dose of espresso, yesterday (i know, its a bit excessive).  HOLY FOGGY.  i was in no condition to deal with anyone’s smart ass remarks and furthermore, no condition to simply listen to anything (let alone comprehend something simple as ‘good morning’).

I could not function for the life of me.  Barely being able to hold a conversation.

enter today.

a day without coffee followed by a day of 3 shots of espresso is like a meth addict interveniously taking in the drug.  my god, i’m a new person…even somewhat witty some might say.  head seems to be clearer (in terms of solving work issues).  i’m still not the greatest at solving ‘internal issues’.  meh, but that’s what life is for.

onto other news…

i was perusing kristin burns’ site and was movitvated again.  i have this ongoing love affair with creativity and most recently rekindled in the form of photography.  i sat down and took my place looking at her work and felt the little pilot light in me go off like a flame.

i’ve laid my artilary of canon cameras and lenses down for a short bit.  for what reason?  i have no idea.  there are such wonderful & amazing things in perspectives…both mine and yours.  its everywhere.  it surrounds us.  i have the knowledge, hands, eyes and mind to share.  i’m finally at a point where i’m creating more for myself.

i go through these hunger strikes for creativity often.  but with this rekindled inspiration, i hope to fall even more in love with life.  not that life and i had some crazy break up or fight before, but i lost momentum.  i want to get reacquainted with the appreciation of “simple” things like color, smells and feeling.

nothing is worth anything if it does not move you.

i love reading people’s public declarations of love for one another.

i mean, some are stupidly corny and annoying but some are just great to see / know (pending the source).  the above is from @kristenburns, herself.

i have to admit – i liked this:

love, freely.  its the only way.


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