Organic Green.

i have total ADD of thoughts.  i guess that’s what happens when i have an entire day without an agenda.  i’m ok with having a plethora of random thoughts.

so i’ve been wanting to put more greenery in my house and bri and i have talked about starting a small garden of herbs & vegetables.  going with this, one of my best friends started her own garden starting with heirloom tomatoes.  she heard of how we wanted to start planting things.  we received a gift of a baby basil plant!  i do have to say, our lil’ babies are thriving.



i want the first meal made with our basil to be something good and organic in its entirety.

keeping with the theme of “plants in the house” …

i’ve had really bad luck with keeping plants alive.  even with something as simple as a bamboo plant withers once i cross the threshold of the house.  well, i’m trying again.  bri has faith that i can keep a bamboo alive, so we go out and get one for the house.

it’s not working.

i don’t know what i’m doing wrong or what our lil’ bamboo may need.  this is only after 2 days:



notice the yellow top of the bamboo shoot on the right?  this was only after 2 days!

so its a bitter-sweet day when it comes to the growth of my greens.  baby basil contiues to thrive while sitting on the kitchen windowsill chatting away with the leaves across the alley.  (i secretly believe they are falling in love).  whereas, ms. bamboo is not happy with her environment and i’m running out of ways to make her happy.  i mean, she’s a bamboo – easy going and low maintenance…supposed to be, at least.  but my little miss is just not happy right now. 😦


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