Rope Burn.

i’m feeling a bit out of my skin today.  probably because its a monday.  i’m not great on mondays.  trying to take in the coffee, but the espresso shots are only half-ass working.  however, i will be on vacation for a week come wednesday, so maybe it’d be best to see this day as a “thursday”.

but in addition to that, my shoulders are ridiculously tight and, this morning, my stomach was all sorts of queezy.  in all fairness, i think i slept wrong causing my shoulders to tighten up and the coffee intake on an empty stomach was probably a bit much for my body.

i feel oddly “shut-off”“weak”, even.   even slightly embarrassed.  anyway, the “shut off” only happens when i’m overloaded, but i don’t feel overloaded…just kind of “bleh“…you know, one of those days where fire, confidence and logic & reason escape you?  or maybe its just me and how i manage?  maybe i’m just being a bit emotional since its almost due time for hormones to run rampid in my body.

meh, whatever.
i’m sure i’ll get over whatever it is that’s crawling up my ass today.

it maybe due time to visit the gym and rekindle my old running & workout routine.  get it all out and sleep it all off.  i mean, i do pay a monthly fee for it… use it gawddamit!

there is always light…
there is always beauty…

...thinking of you...

...thinking of you...


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