You Tell Me.

Actually, don’t.

it’s been a bit since i’ve sat down & gave time to regurgitating my thoughts. i guess i needed time to marinate in them. but in all fairness & honesty, i skipped town for a week for a birthday hideaway and the week afterwards was dedicated to getting back into routine. (bleh).

anyhow, for whatever reason, i realized this past weekend how much i really hate people telling me what to do. for example, if i ask for someone’s opinion…
“hey, where should i put this vase?”

a relatively normal answer would probably go something like:
“how about on that table?”

however, it drives me crazy when one comes to me in the manner of:
“put it on the table.”

i know i can be a really complex human being sometimes, and for whatever reason, that shit drives me crazy.

you don’t get to tell me where to put it. it’s my vase, so you may suggest.

trust me, i know it seems really trivial, but this just gets under my skin in the worst way. don’t tell me what to do.

i asked for your opinion, not for an order.


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