Remit & Re-meet.

i took an impromptu short road trip to Santa Barbara this past weekend. it was a last minute game-time call. i drove along the coast & got reacquainted with myself, but even better, to meet my ladybird. she was there for a conference/workshop and asked if i’d come pay a visit. how am i to say no?

i pulled up to the hotel and parked my car. i open the driver-side and stepped out of my car. i look up, instinctively, and saw my ladybird on the balcony of her room, all scrunched up in her chair and her signature smile that could light up the universe. (she does this thing where her body just bunches up in a ball when she gets excited).

i got to the door of her room and before i could even put my stuff down, i was literally tackled down and squeeeeezed with much love. it was like the first time she picked me up from the airport. she had to pull over to the side of the road and we just hugged…so tightly and intensely. before we knew it, an hour had passed. it was the same feeling.

we had such a great bonding weekend.

i realized that these moments aren’t uncommon in relationships. matter of fact, necessary.  as we grow as humans and individuals, we are ever-evolving.  so it only makes sense that we constantly get re-introduced, reacquainted and continually learn about one another.  the trick here is finding someone that, not only is willing to, but understands that it takes a commitment to go through these hills, dips, valleys and transformations together.

bri put it perfectly when she says, “it could be liberating going through andworking through the uncomfortable aspects”.  the battles, and more so the lessons, are the prize.


part deux: 09.18.09

so i wrote the aforementioned yesterday, and actually had a point to the story…then i got inundated with work which bled over to today.

right. back to my theory that someone should invent a “mental recorder”.

picking up the lovely lady tonight 🙂


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