i’m an addict.

– “T, i love your enthusiasm.”
– “wha?! what are you talking about & where is this coming from?”
– “i was just thinking back about our friendship…and you’re just so enthusiastic about life.”

its true.  i’m like a kid in a candy store when i’m really “about” something.  however, i’m quickly learning how i work; i need constant life-stimulation (not to be mistaken and confused with life-drama). to clarify, i love discovering new things and diving into them and learning about them. i spend hours researching things and once i’ve soaked my brain with what i can, i turn around and analyze my thoughts about them – form an opinion. i haven’t had that kind of life stimuli lately.

its so easy to fall into the comfort zone of “complacency”.  i definitely have been guilty of this for the past few weeks.  it wasn’t until a recent conversation with my other half that sparked my self-reflection.  (don’t get me wrong, she wasn’t pointing anything out…just conversation about other things that led me to self-reflect).

anyhow, i don’t think this is uncommon in people. my theory is, passionate people need intensity for movement, like drug addicts need that chemical high.

i’m getting restless due to “life-boredom”.  that sounds worse than it is…

i started to wonder what it’d be like if i changed my surroundings, what new adventures would come about. i thought about all the wonderful new things that i may experience and being able to breathe in new air. then the reality of that thought kicked in, “tdo – you need a substantial pile of loot to ‘start over’…”

bummer of a thought, however good goal to set forth. so the immediate continuous goal is to put more into saving disposable income.  however, in the meanwhile, i still run into the initial issue of “life-boredom”.  not to mention, i really miss my ladybird.  its been longer than normal since we’ve seen each other.  that’s probably a big contributor to the restlessness, as well.


On a brighter note…

i’ve found myself obsessed over another musical genius. his name: edmar castaneda.  he is a Columbian jazz harpist.  what makes me so thrilled about him are the facts that:

  1. he is a harpist
  2. he is not a “traditional” harpists, but rather a jazz harpist.
  3. he is a “he”.  it is very rare to find male harpists in the music world.
  4. in my opinion, he is another musical genius.

check him out if you get a chance.


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