: The sub-emotions? :

so i’ve been quite the fussy-crank-face the past couple of weeks & i started to wonder why. so, in true tdo form, i started to analyze it. what was causing this extreme behavior? what has changed in my life that would cause this?

the answer was simply: i missed my gf. ok so that’s a given.

however, thinking further i started to wonder: is “i miss you” an actual emotion? if you really think about it, the “i miss you” is compiled of various other emotions, which i call “sub-emotions”. for example (in my case), i got a bit sad & cranky. both “sad” & “cranky” are emotions; states of being that culminate into “i miss you”. furthermore, being “happy” is also a state of being.

so, what is this “i miss you”?

i don’t think it can be categorized as a true emotion. you don’t feel “i miss you” but rather, feel emotions associated with it as a result of “i miss you”. yet, (to me), its still a state of being.

so what is it, really?


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