so, i’ve been following the Perry v. Schwarzenegger (Kristen M. Perry, Sandra B. Stier, Paul T. Katami & Jeffrey J. Zarillo versus the State of CA) case pretty closely from it’s start 2 days ago. (this case is also known as the ‘Repeal Prop 8’ case).

i’ve been loud a (e)-vociferous over the matter, both on the site providing transcription of the case (http://www.prop8trialtracker.com – this is put up by the Courage Campaign; fellow opponents) and also using the modern day twitter. for the past 2 days, each and every time i sign on to twitter i’ve been taking note of the “daily trends”. the usual things like #musicmonday (#mm), #NexusOne shows up etc. i’ve been waiting with bating breath each time i sign on that i would see #Prop8 on that trend list. it’s been 48 hrs and nothing. not even once.

today when i get home and as i’m sitting here typing this out, i’m watching MSNBC talking about the substantial quake that hit Haiti.

“within seconds of the quake hitting, there was smoke everywhere…”
“you can hear people waling from the crumbled buildings begging to get out…”
“AP: Haiti capital largely destroyed in quake. casualties are severe and widespread.”

i’m staring at pictures of crumbled buildings, a woman roaming the street with her child in hand and faces covered in soot. there is a man being carried by 3 other strangers…i’m assuming he just got pulled out from the rubble somewhere.

i go back to twitter to throw up a quick “tweet” to the interwebs universe to bring awareness and hoping that someone will jump on board with me to try to do something to raise money, help and/or awareness.

i look at the trending topics. i am truly amazed that neither #prop8 or #haitiquake (or anything relating to those 2 topics) are not being talked about.

Instead, as of 9pm, what people are talking about are:

i’m disheartened on what matters to our world today. people are either talking about topics that are trivial, ie: what music they’re listening to right now, American Idol, Conan O’Brien, Lane Kiffen etc (who the hell is that anyway)?!

it makes me worried about our mindset, as a whole, when things that matter all of the sudden don’t matter…when our own little worlds swallow us alive that we are so far deep in the dark we forget that there is a world much bigger than our own.

why aren’t there more people pulling together for a better world?!

why aren’t we pulling together to help people that need more than we do?

if this is a show of where my world is going, i don’t want any part of it.
i want to be a part of an ever (better) evolving world; a world that cares about more than ourselves.

i surely am not trying to be a sensationalist. i’d like to think my desire for a better world would deem me as a realist.


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