Oh, those Phelps…

this past weekend, the infamous Phelps Family (of www.godhatesfags.com) came into a town i love; long beach, ca. what i love so much about long beach is it’s diversity. it is diverse, not only including the gay community, but also diverse in race and social class. in addition to sf, long beach is my home away from home.

if you are not familiar with the Phelps Family, they are a cult-like baptist church (Westborough Baptist Church [WBC]) – rooted in Topeka, KS. they are also known as “the most hated family in america. they oppose not only homosexuality but also:

– fallen soldiers of war.
– AIDS victims
– the people of Haiti
– Christianity
– Obama
– The Jewish & their faith
– America
…and the list goes on…

it may sound like i’m inflating their hatred with my aforementioned list, but i’m sad to say, all of the mentioned are true.

i, along over a thousand others, counter-protested their filth and letting them know – they were, and are not, welcome in our town. we obtained their picketing schedule (which they’ve publicly posted) and met them everywhere they were. they tried to picket Jewish temples, christian churches, a high school (because it had a gay alliance group) and, of all places, a Navy base.

we met up with them with purposefully ridiculous counter-protest signs; reading things such as:

“math is hard.”
“i like books.”
“let’s keep it kosher.”
“have you seen my dragon?”
“my cat keeps peeing on the floor.”
“god hates figs.”

from my own household of friends we had signs that read:

“my dog needs a bath.”
“god hates cheeseburgers.”
“it’s peanut butter jelly time.”
“i don’t eat kites.”
“pass the ketchup”

while the obvious frustration of seeing these people in real life and within kicking distance from me, the one thing that did move me was experiencing several different social classes coming together. We had marines and other servicemen standing along side Jewish and homosexuals – stomping our feet and defending our cities and beliefs. we were no longer a “social class” fighting for “gay rights” or “religious rights” but rather, we became people of humanity. it was wonderful to have a mother stand next to me with her 3 gorgeous daughters holding up signs of love.

i can’t say that was the same for our opponents. i felt horrible for the little boy on their side. he had to be, no more than 5-6 years old; wearing a shirt that read “the jews killed jesus.” while his monster (um…mother) & grand-monster…(erm i meant grandmother) wore shirts that read www.godhatesfags.com, promoting one of their sites.

these are very vile people. they believe in a higher being that hates, holding up signs like

“god hates you.”
“you will eat babies” <– (um, WTF?)
"god hates haiti."
"god hates obama."
"fags are beasts."

…and far too many other hateful ones that i don’t care enough to retain in my memory.

my head is bombarded with emotions from my experience this past weekend, so this blog might not make any sense and/or may not have a relevant point (right now).

with that being said, let this blog just serve as awareness of the WBC – Phelps clan.

i encourage you to view their site and definitely watch the documentaries. as difficult, hateful & ridiculous as it may be, you can see for yourself, these people exist and what drives them.

PS: Shirley Phelps (daughter of Fred Phelps) – her first son was born out of wedlock in 1979 after an affair with a man in a halfway house where she was an intern. hypocrite.

– YouTube – “The Most Hated Family In America”
Fred Phelps & the WBC Documentary: “Fall From Grace”

Coverage of this weekend’s Counter-Protests:
Facebook : Protest Against God Hates Fags.
Facebook : Steal This Protest
562 CityLife : Long Beach Online Magazine
CSULB Daily 49ers
The Long Beach Post


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