i’d rather wake up to the blinding light of sunlight
peeking through my windows
than a blazing buzz startling me out of my skin.


i’d rather wake up to soft lips pressed against my skin
and a disheveled mess
than a cold pillow, laying motionless in the empty space
between my body and the edge of the world.


i’d rather regurgitate every line i know
to fumble & dig to find the words
than let you walk by
without tapping your shoulder to remind you,
i’m here.


i’d rather live
and be,
take chances
and make a fool,
fall and break,
cry and plead
than to never know
then to lose.


i’d rather dig deeper
and feel the dirt around my fingertips
than to savor sparkling whites and…never knowing.


i’d rather get lost and go in circles
than to not pave a path of my own.



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