i’ve been wanting to attempt to write something beautiful for a bit now, but have been rarely inspired…so i thought.  however, everyday i have this reoccurring appreciation, sometimes in the back of my mind & other times in the forefront of my skull, for the most beautiful thing in my eyes – the beauty of womyn.  so here, i will attempt to put to words, my absolute love & admiration for the womyn form.

when i was younger, post coming out, i would chase after girls like a young school boy.  i wanted to be in the company of, talk about & think of girls all the time.  i was a little “girl crazy”.  however, the older i get the more i truly admire and appreciate the art-form of a womyn…the way her hips sway with each step towards anywhere her two feet take her & the lines of muscles that drape her back that gives her the strength to carry the world…the way only a womyn can.

there is something about the outline of a womyn’s body that runs like slow-moving infinite waves with no beginning and no end.  a womyn’s warm, soft & silk-like skin against mine can stop the world from spinning, send a surge through my veins and in that moment i am free.

it’s almost unbearable, this beauty of womyn, but it is an anguish i could not do without.


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