The Trevor Endeavor.

every time i come back home from visiting my second home (SF), i seem to re-spark my drive to make a difference. i’ve always said, i wanted to make a difference in the world…somehow, if even in the smallest way. i seem to get lost in all the bullshit when i’m in my daily grind.

this past weekend, i attended the SF PFLAG chapter meeting where the guest speaker was mike crane of The Trevor Project. mike and I spoke, briefly, before his talk with the group and he mentioned The Trevor Project was looking to branch out into the more conservative cities to cause awareness. since i’ve rejoined the speakers’ bureau of the OC PFLAG chapter, my hope is to bridge OC PFLAG & Trevor Project down here in Orange County (to start).

a bit about the trevor project, they focus on suicide prevention in the LGBTQ community. the 3rd most leading cause of death in teenagers is suicide and about 70% of those suicides are in part to do with LGBTQ issues…getting kicked out of the house therefore facing homelessness, rejected by parents & friends, bullied in the school system. These things can take a toll when already facing the difficult process of coming out.

anyhow, i talked with mike about spearheading the OC / LA chapter or at least doing what i can to help bring awareness out here in conservative OC. this is the philanthropist life i want to have. i, now, have the opportunity to make a difference in society and more so, in my own community.

mike & i have corresponded and it looks like we’re taking a step in the right direction in bringing this to the OC/Long Beach areas and the outlook for me being able to offer my energies to this movement is promising.

i hope the take me up on my offer to bridge various LGBTQ communities out here in OC with the Trevor Project.

if you want to know more about the trevor project, you can go here:

and feel free to drop a good word for me, if you’re so inclined. 😉


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