i’ve been struggling with motivation, lately.  i work from home with a job that allows me to have a comfortable life, yet i still want more.  i still feel there is something missing in my life.  i’ve been in the bay for over a year now and…it has so much to offer.  

 i feel like i’m cheating myself. this city has everything to experience within it’s 7 mile radius.  yet, i sit in my living room working, step out for a bite and find myself planted back on my couch.  i feel like i’m on the path of someone i never wanted to be.  i went from an active social human being so a workaholic.

where has my motivation go? i think it’s the tight-knit group of friends i had back home.  i knew i could call anyone at anytime and someone would be there.  here, it’s rare when i can get someone to pick up the phone.  it’s not for the lack of “love,” i don’t think…it’s just different here so far.

the cost of living is stupid expensive too.  matter of fact, as of today, it’s the #1 most expensive city to live in.  yay.

i’ve always wanted to succeed, professionally and this is the best of done (financially) with my life, to date.  however, i’m missing my family (blood related and chosen).  i guess it’s a huge learning lesson for me.  it doesn’t matter how much you make if there isn’t a family around to enjoy it with.

maybe i just need to give this town a chance and do my part to open up my arms as the bay has done for me and for every other resident here.


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