Insomnia Strikes!

Date: July 4, 2013
Time: 2.11 am
Status: Sleepless
Soundtrack: “Hero” – Family of the Year / “Belong” – Washed Out

i’m normally a professional at falling asleep. (staying asleep is a separate subject.) I don’t know what it is with tonight, but insomnia decided to come visit. whatever the case may be, she wanted to hang out so i spent the past 4 hours playing my guitar and belting out sour notes with her. she was good company, but it’s coming really close to the time where she needs to leave.

while playing & writing, i started to have a bunch of random realizations. the list in my head went something like this:

  1. i have an incredible affinity for gentle souls in all forms
    • (but especially in women. that gentle / nurturing energy is like kryptonite. this easily explains the draw to my partner.)
  2. i’m 30 something and, sometimes, it still feels like i’m trying to figure out my life.
  3. i’m a walking hypocrite.
    • (i.e: i LOVE neat & clean but my apt’s present state looks like i had a raging party [apparently for one.] i also LOVE being outside but work my face off indoors).

then i started listing more things i have appreciation for:

  1. animals (especially the ones of the k9 species).
  2. music
  3. backpacks
  4. insulated water bottles
  5. very fine-tip retractable gel pens (black only)

by having all of these thoughts (in list form) i’ve come to the conclusion that i’m probably distracting myself from something that needs to be attended to. what that is, i have no idea. hopefully i’ll figure it out.

i guess i should try to get some sleep since i need to be up early to get my day started and go hiking.



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