. this could be me

I live in a world that, at times, doesn’t feel like my own.   Maybe it already is and i’m just learning while i peek through the cracks of the doors…eventually busting through.

I believe hearts were meant to be spoken.

Yeah, I’ll go with all that.


One thought on “. this could be me

  1. i love that you wrote/typed this.

    these levels of perception, like peeling away at an onion or head of lettuce until we get to its core…the core of the moment or thought.

    i think we ARE the time and space that we occupy and that in turn creates this idea of “world”. additionally, i think it takes the people, things, and events around us to unlock the doors to different realities. sometimes it takes just a simple statement to change the way a person thinks or perceives. other times, it might take a chain of events. our hearts are spoken with each tiny detail and global culmination of behavior exhibited.

    you’ve peeked through my door, into my heart, and have made permanent imprints…little fingerprints, kisses filled with love, and full-on body pillow squeezes. for that, i thank you.

    peek away. i love hearing about the growth.

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