The Traveling Hair Ball

So, for the most part, we all know how hard it is to find a decent room mate. Well, I have to say that I lucked out in that department. Shes extremely neat, is always on time with rent & utilities, helps me take care of Sadie & loves her as if she were her own. I couldn’t ask for anything more. My room mate and I get along splendidly! We’ve been friends for quite a long time, so it was definitely taking a risk in living together. I didn’t want our friendship to get ruined. But that has not been the case. Matter of fact, quite the opposite.

So after living by myself for a while, I had to re-learn that living w someone else comes with their idiosyncracies. My room mate has one that makes me laugh all the time. We both try to pick up after ourselves. Even after showering we pick up any “shedding” that might have happened. Well, my wonderful room mate falls short in that department. And with that I mean that it never quite makes it the trash bin. Rather, it always seem to make it on my girlfriend’s towel. It’s so funny to me and also… Endearing. Anyhow, long story short, since it happens so frequently (and the fact that she doesn’t think it happens as often as it does), I decided to chronically these “hairballs”! Though some may deem this as gross, in a weird way,I find it very endearing.

I already have a small picture collection, but I’ll just start with today (see photo of hairball below).

on to other news, I’ve ditched my beloved Crackberry for an iPhone (I’m actually blogging from it now). And I do have to say, I have no regrets. I only have one qualm and that would be the ability to support only one push email account at a time. The fetch time for other email accounts is set at 15 min at most, which isn’t frequent enough (for me).

Ok I’m gonna jam out of here to find an FM transmitter /charger for the car since I don’t (yet) have a fancy-schmancy car radio.


Blackberry Beta Software Test

Just testing out Blackberry’s WordPress beta software. So far, the UI seems to be friendly.
Even has a “preview” function as the web based URL. Not something I expected from a simple Blackberry app.

Gotta play with it some more later tonight after the gym, but so far seemingly so good…

…To be continued…

Oh, the browsing…

i’m getting neurotic with my browser testing.  i think i have every browser known to man on my machine.  fun geeky stuff.

google chrome, i hope you are up to par.  i have a bias for firefox so please kick some ass and prove me wrong.   is there a way to customize you to make you prettier?  you’re cool and all, but i’m not too fond of your blueness.

safari (for windows), you are slow as shit, but oh so pretty.

ie(7) – you’re just a slow bastard.  i’m not even considering moving to ie8.  i’ve forgotten about you already.

Chrome w/Safari theme.


Chrome w/Safari Skin

Chrome w/Safari Skin

so my lovely lady came to visit and stayed with me for the weekend.  i love when she’s around.  i’m realizing more and more, she’s, not only my partner in life, but she really my best friend.  i couldn’t ask for a better person to share my life with.  she’s a goofball right along side with me, but also – we are truly growing together on every level.  throughout my years and various relationships, i’ve learned relationships end because problems arise, people get fussy and fight and there is rarely ever a mentality of “let’s work on this and grow together”.  i’ve never had the faith in another that people are willing to work within a relationship.  talk it out, listen and be open.  it normally goes something to the fact of “she / he isn’t giving me what i think i need and if he/she doesn’t change, i’m out”.  how selfish is that?

its not about “changing”.  to me, its about listening to what the other person may need and compromising, while keeping your sense of self.  expecting someone else to “change” to get what you want kind of blows and quite frankly, not very fair.

i normally get very fearful bringing things up that “bother” me because the first thing that normally happens is an argument (notice i didn’t use the term ‘discussion’), then a potential break up.  i get the total opposite reactions from my lovely lady.  she’s calm and actually hears me out.  she doesn’t have to agree with me, but she acknowledges my feelings, which is my reality, and we discuss from there.  and in addition she really can see beyond what i’m saying and go as far as reassuring those things.  its really neat when she understands me when i’m not very good at putting adjectives together to describe what is going on in my head.

example, she’s been very, (understandably), stressed out with her adjustment in her professional life.  and we all know, we can’t always be lovey dovey sweet when under pressure and stressed.  we talked about it, she understood where i was coming from and vice versa and all was great.  that was about a week ago.

long story short, after i dropped my lovely lady off at the airport yesterday to head back home, i find a piece of wood hidden underneath my pillow as i was getting read for bed.  “a piece of wood?!” you ask?  the piece of wood was mirroring a postcard.  on the front, with her own hands, keys and a ball point pen, she carves in the words “i love you”.  on the back it reads something to the fact of: “with everything we go through and overcome on a daily basis, you always have my heart…my everything”.

that is the kind of woman she is.
that is my partner.

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A Day of PolaDroid Consumption.

1.24 pm

So it all started with a simple request from my room mate:

– “Hey, do you have a ‘polarized’ desktop application?”
– “Nope.  I don’t but I can search for one for you…”

Well, that started it all…
I stumbled onto Poladroid.

My Jesus.  I’ve been playing with this thing since I’ve found it when I should be grinding away troubleshooting software.  I mean, that is what I get paid for, right?

Anyhow, that’s besides the point. This desktop application is amazing! It does what the name alludes to; turns any photo of yours into a Polaroid! BUT its the simplicity and thoughtfulness that goes behind the application that won my chonies over.

– First off, it has a floating Polaroid desktop icon so you can move it anywhere you’d like, (instead of a stupid static desktop icon).

Poladroid Floater

Poladroid Floater

– Secondly, like a true Polaroid, you watch the photo develop (I know, big fuckin’ deal, right)? However, the great thing about this app is while you watch it develop, you can save it at any point of development! For example, if you like the more sepia look of the photo, save it at that point! it will continue to it’s fruition. Gosh, i hope that just made sense.

Anyhow, since I’m not one to be great with words, just go to and check it out yourself. but forewarning: makes sure to put a couple of hours aside for this. it has that cool “suction” power.

Techno Geek, Magnified.

So here I go.  I thought I’d start trying to use WordPress in hopes that my blogging will be on a semi-constant basis.

So I’ve been introduced to the lovely world of iPhone Apps.  First, let me preface this new found love by saying – I didn’t want to conform.  I resisted the idea of the iPhone from the get-go.  Why?  Because I wasn’t crazy enough to spend $300 on a phone with only 8gb of internal memory that couldn’t do all the things my simple Blackberry Curve does.  The lack of MMS support in the first release (and pseudo support now) KILLED me.  Such a simple task to do that almost any FREE phone could manage.  But the first release of the iPhone?  Noooo….

I waited for more than a year and the news came – MMS support!  Awesome.  My interests have been perked, once again…only to be disappointed at the fact that AT&T still can’t support MMS (until ‘late summer’).

Well, after talking with a Mac / iPhone fanatic friend of mine, I started perusing the App Store.  Bad idea.

Long story short – in 1.5 days I have somehow acquired 130 (free) apps!  I will be versed in daily facts like: “Today In History” and share them with you in French, Spanish or Italian OR via American Sign Language (whichever your preference).  In addition, I will be able to conveniently convert metrics for you, tell you where the cheapest gas stations are within a 5 mile radius, draw pretty pictures, edit digital ones (sans Photoshop) and so much more.

All of my 130 free apps are ALL necessary.

Note: still no iphone in hand.  Must wait until mid-Sept for the upgrade.
Status: App Obsessed.


Update: 3.50pm

This just threw a wrench into my planning…
Potentially on Verizon – [conceptually] iPhone 4G w/iChat capability
Projected release date: Dec 2009 – early 2010

CNET article: here | YouTube Video:  here